Injection mold design experience and thinking analysis

The first step: product analysis and modification, determine the mold structure, shrinkage diagram:
product analysis:
Opening direction, parting line, parting surface, outer dimension, thickness, draft angle, barb and corresponding core pulling method, feeding point and feeding method, number of cavities, etc.

  • Hand over engineering drawings:
    Drawing in 3D software, three views are generally created: the first main view (projection behind the mold) and the second and third three-dimensional views (outer surface and inner surface). Other views are placed according to the third angle method or the first angle method. The section view (X, Y, cutting position line passing through the important position center, barb, column position, hole position, pillow position, etc.), save the file in DXF format, and open it to CAD Counting process.
  • Reduce the map:
    Mirror the previous drawing once and enlarge it to a multiple of the shrinkage rate. (Mark: MI, shrinkage rate)

Step 2: Product ranking: how to arrange in the mold
Matters needing attention: mold length and width, product hole number, glue position, spacing (strength, what parts to place)
The first view in the first row is the front view of the back mold side, and the second view is the front mold.

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