The Current Situation of 3D Printing Technology in China

The domestic 3D printing industry has a development history of more than 30 years, and the early development at that time was called the academic school because most of it was in the theoretical stage. With the breakthroughs in 3D printing technology and its application in certain fields abroad, the academic school in China has also embarked on a practical path. At the same time, many domestic businesses are optimistic about this field, which has to some extent promoted the development of the domestic 3D printing industry.
With the rise of “personal manufacturing”, it is expected that the 3D printing industry will continue to maintain a relatively high growth rate in the field of personal consumption. This will help drive the demand for desktop level 3D printing devices for personal use, while also promoting the consumption of upstream printing materials (mainly photosensitive resins and plastics).

In the field of industrial consumption, due to the continuous development of 3D printed metal materials and the widespread application of metals themselves in industrial manufacturing, it is expected that 3D printing equipment, mainly using laser metal sintering as the main forming technology, will achieve relatively rapid development in future industrial applications. In the short to medium term, the application of this field will still focus on product design and tool manufacturing. The professional division of labor on the industrial chain will be further deepened.

At present, the main 3D printing enterprises generally exist in a comprehensive form of material supply, equipment manufacturing, and printing services, which is due to the limitations of technology promotion and market size in the early stages of industrial development. In the long run, various links in the industrial chain will experience specialized separation; Professional material suppliers and printing companies may experience independent product design services or transfer to downstream consumer enterprises. 3D printing is expected to transform into a true tool platform.

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